Small Girl and Wise Wizard. Nothing is Impossible

(Сhildren’s tale)

Once upon a time, in a country unknown to anyone, just in the middle of nowhere, lived a little girl named Lily. She was the most ordinary snub-nosed and long-haired girl from all ordinary long-haired and snub-nosed girls who loved to play with dolls, to plait hair in braids, and daydream a lot. But that all changed when Lily walked for a walk in wild wood and saw the piano in the thick of the timberland.  The musical instrument charmed the girl so much that she immediately wanted to learn how to play it. But there was one problem. The girl was too tiny, and the piano was too huge. Suddenly Lily remembered that a wise wizard was living nearby. The girl decided to turn to him for help. How do you think, what exactly did the girl ask the wizard? To make the piano small enough for the girl or to make Lily big enough for the piano?

P.S. No one knows what exactly the girl asked the wizard. But one thing we know for sure: after many years, Lily became a famous pianist not only in her country but throughout the world. To be continued…

Follow your dreams…and don`t be afraid wise wizards.

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