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At the present stage of development of society, in the information age, many new and previously unknown professions have appeared: content manager, merchandiser, SMM manager, targetologist, etc. Such words have flooded the labor market and continue to successfully seep into our daily lives.

An SMM manager is a specialist who works in social networks in order to promote a brand, company or individual. In the CIS, this specialist is most often hired in order to promote and promote the company on social networks, which concentrate the relevant target audience.

The SMM manager can perform the following functions:

  • customer niche analysis,
  • analysis of competitors’ actions in the network,
  • development and argumentation of promotion strategy,
  • development, testing and regular changes to the content plan,
  • search and creation of viral (viral) content,
  • work with graphic editors to create high-quality graphic elements,
  • calculation of the budget for targeted advertising,
  • launch targeting and control of advertising campaigns,
  • work on audience loyalty to the brand,
  • moderation of comments and their regular cleaning,
  • work on the growth of participants and their activities in moving communities and groups,
  • analysis of analytics and adjustment of strategy for further effective promotion,
  • keeping statistics and compiling regular reports (useful for both the specialist and the employer), etc,
  • In addition, the professional must be aware of the latest trends, new effective tools and news in the field of SMM.

Responsibilities of the SMM manager

The issue of responsibilities for an SMM manager is not very specific.

After all, his or her responsibilities depend on the details of the project, for example, the company needs an SMM specialist who will promote the project only to get traffic to the site or the company wants to improve (enhance) the reputation through social networks. These are different goals, so the responsibilities and performance metrics will be different for these companies and their professionals.

Every company, when hiring an SMM manager, must understand what they want to get as a result of his or her work and what responsibilities he or she should perform. Otherwise, or rather in ignorance of the ultimate goals, the specialist can in their own way to identify them and begin to move towards achieving them. And no wonder then that you wanted one, and the SMM manager performed the task in his or her own way, focusing on his own CRI (performance metrics).

As you can see, the work of an SMM manager is not swearing and aimless surfing social networks, as many people think. This is a constant work with potential and real customers, building development strategies, monitoring results and miscalculation of further actions.

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