Snow White Witch

(derailed fairy tale)

Once upon a time lived a pretty young princess Snow White with Queen, her stepmother, who envied her beauty.

Every day Queen asked her magic mirror who was the most beautiful in the world and every time the mirror answered that it was Snow White. Stepmother could not accept it and decided to kill her stepdaughter with the help of a forester who took pity on her and let her stay alive and go away.

Snow White ran into the forest where she found a house in which, as it turned out, seven dwarfs lived. Though she was tall and they were tiny, they let her live together with them. When the Queen once again asked about her beauty, she heard that Snow White was alive and even became more beautiful…besides, she was going to have a happy future life with a prince.

Furious stepmother worked out a vicious plan. In the guise of an old woman, she came to Snow White and gave her an enchanted apple. When the princess took a bite of the apple, she realized that something was happening to her body. Snow White turned into an old woman and an old woman turned into Snow White. At this time, the dwarfs were returning home. Stepmother told Snow White that if she didn’t leave faraway, the dwarfs would kill her. After hearing this awful news, the princess in the guise of an old woman ran away into the wild woodland. Then the Queen decided to pretend to be dead. Returning home, the dwarfs saw dead ‘Snow White’ and began to grieve. They decided to bury her in a Crystal coffin.

After a while, a prince drove past this place. Seeing the unearthly beauty of a girl, he fell in love with her at first sight and bent to kiss her cherry lips. Being on cloud nine, the prince took ‘Snow White’ to his palace and they lived happily ever after as the witch wanted.

However, in a while, heavy-hearted Snow White mastered the witchcraft from a rad raven living nearby, and tasted fake ‘Snow White’ with the same medicine, turning her in a lousy log for a fireplace. Surely, the log burned down in the forks of fire and the prince…was shocked with the changes in the behavior of his young wife. Suddenly, she became so kind-hearted and so spiritual…

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