One snowy winter, an atrocious adventure happened to me. Let’s start with the fact that my friends and I decided to skate on the lake. We began to skate without feeling any danger, but we didn’t know that the ice was too thin.

I was so unlucky that only I stumbled and fell down under the impulsive ivory ice. When I plummeted feet first, I felt a frightful cold and all my limbs just went numb. Fortunately, my friends were nearby; they grasped fast that I had fallen and rushed to pull me back not forgetting to do it carefully, so that nothing bad happened else.

When they pulled me out of the wintertime water, I was all wet like a hen with chattering teeth but surprisingly I didn’t even get sick after that. My mother didn’t find out anything about this adventure. Ouch! It is better to say a snowy sadventure!

So, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

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