‘Soul’ from Pixar

(Animated cartoon review)

On December 25, Pixar’s new big and important work, ‘Soul,’ was released. It is remarkable at least because it was invented and staged by Pete Doctor – the world owes its genius to the ‘Monster Corporation,’ ‘Up’ and ‘Puzzle.’ This time, the creative locomotive Pixar took on an even more complex topic – the meaning of life.

The protagonist of “Souls” – grief-musician Joe Gardner. He has dreamed of playing jazz professionally since childhood; a half of his life flashed before his eyes, and there was no success. Instead of a stage, Joe is content with a school music teacher.

Suddenly he has a chance to replace the pianist in a famous band. Winged, Joe inattentively looks around and falls into a hatchway. The hero comes to his senses already in the afterlife: his soul is, in fact, at a crossroads.

Not wanting to give up, Joe tries to return to the Earth with the help of another soul – a stubborn and skeptical 22 who has yet to be born. And here the real concept of the cartoon is revealed: it is not as one-dimensional as it seems at first glance. There are many more themes in it, and the fragment of the afterlife that the creators decided to show us is perfectly worked out.

Photorealistic New York, detailed models of musical instruments, jazz compositions by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, a complex selection of all characters without exception, and in some ways a return to “Puzzle” in the finale. So ‘Pixar’ deceived us and at the same time it did not do it. He showed us a non-childish story, and under the sauce of the local merry Disneyland, in which he once again slipped, the audience got a cloudy, sensible and sad movie 40+, which raises such philosophical questions as: “Do we choose our path?” or “Is it is important for us to be born?” and more importantly “Should we have a dream or confidence in tomorrow?” after all, “Where did we come from and where will we go after?” And most importantly: “How did the cat manage to regain the soul, previously successfully sent to death?” IT is a mystery.

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