Splish Splash and Spash Splish

(fairy tale about a puppy and a perch)

There was Zeus puppy. He dreamed of swimming at the bottom of a lake or a pond. So once the house owners of Zeus decided to go fishing.

Zeus asked them so much, so asked to take him, but they did not notice him and even accidentally kicked him with their heavy leather boots… The deeply disappointed puppy sat for a few minutes and did not move, but then proudly got up and went to his room. From his room, he moved to the balcony where he noticed the perch fish which had been caught by his masters during the previous fishing.

“Why are you so sad?” asked Perch.

“They ignore me and don`t go fishing with me…” Zeus was down in the dumps.

“Well, do you want me to help you?” Perch looked at him with compassion.

“Yeah! Why not? Now they are swimming and diving, and I am sitting here in these walls like a bird in a cage … And I want so much to play at the bank of a lake, to dive headfirst, to see the underwater world with my own eyes! …”

“Ohhhh!” The fish closed its eyes. “And now, look for a jar!”

“What for?” The puppy got puzzled.

“Well, to fulfill your dream!”

“Oh well!” The puppy ran to the kitchen and found out a small jar. He put a paw in it and went on. He came to Perch and said, “Will it suit you?”

“Wow! Well done!”breezed out the fish.

And what to do with it? Asked the puppy.

“You need to put me inside of it. Then you should bring me to the lake bank and throw me in the water. And after that to use it as a diver mask on your head,” answered the fish.

“A diver`s mask? What is this?”

“It is like a glass helmet on your head… yeah…see-through helmet!” Perch exclaimed.

No sooner said than done, Zeus brought the jar with Perch right to the green lake bank. After releasing the happy fish, he put the jar on his head and dived headfirst to follow the cheery Perch who showed the shortest and the safest way to the mysterious lake bottom covered with magnificent multicolored weed. While seeing silver corals, golden sand, and sparkling  fish, the puppy realized how happy he was.

“Thank you! Thank you!” he waved his tail hilariously.

Happy Perch waved his tail in response, “The more friends you have, the better your life. If jou need my help in the future, don`t hesitate, come and ask me. You saved my life. I fulfilled your wish. Splish Splash! Bye-bye!”

“Splish Splash! Bye-bye!”responded blissful Zeus.

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