Sport and Self-isolation. This moment is yours!


They say that being asked, when it was better to start to take up sports, the famous American ice hockey coach always answered, “This moment is yours.” In spite of the coronavirus spread, I would say the same, “This moment is yours.”

The human body is the perfect mechanism, and each of us must maintain this mechanism in the best condition. This allows you to delay the onset of old age and disease, which, alas, occurs much earlier than we consider possible for ourselves.

Sport is the only means that can enable a person to live a full life. Exercise is needed not only to build muscle and maintain body tone. Sport helps to find spiritual health and harmony with oneself and the world, even during the COVID-19 self-isolation.

Being slim and strong is now not only useful but also trendy, which is why many young people visit the gym. You may notice that some women train not so much for better health, but for their own beauty. But there is nothing wrong with that.

Doctors, scientists, doctors, fitness trainers, and health professionals note that people who start regular exercise protect their health from about 20 physical and mental problems: men who are more active at work, rather than just sitting behind an office desk, also have low rates of prostate cancer; for the elderly, physical education is useful against dementia and mental disorders; walking or cycling for half an hour a day is associated with a reduction in cancerous tumors, and an hour of such activity (10,000 steps) prevents cancer incidence with a probability of 16 percent.

Experts recommend that healthy people aged 18 to 65 years do 150 minutes a week to do moderate aerobic exercises, for example, walk for five minutes at a time five days a week.

So, dear students, don`t idle with your smartphones on soft sofas. Start playing sports right now! This moment is yours!

April 02, 2020

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