Sport as a part of our live. Running is the Best!

Nice shape, great stamina, bulging muscles are the dreams of most people. These dreams may come true thanks to sport. Practice showed that strenuous activity is the most important stimulant of all the physiological functions of a man’s organism. This is a pledge of successful development of mind and body. Regular exercises strengthen the central nervous system, contribute to health and temper, making people strong-willed, purposeful, and active.

As any phenomenon of our life, the sport has its reverse. It can do much harm to your health if using the wrong method. If a boy does exhaustive exercises every day trying to build up his muscles, he just undermines his health, but not strengthens it. If a girl spares no effort to be fit doing everyday exercises she will hardly accomplish the purpose. Improper training will ruin your health.

To sum it up, there is no doubt that sport is healthy if reasonably done. If exercises are too much for you to bear they just kill you. But working out under the instruction of a good coach is very wholesome.

Millions of people are fond of sports and games. They help us to stay healthy, and active during our life. Scientists admit that everyone should at least do some morning exercises or have a long walk for about three kilometers a day to keep his shape. Moreover, sport teaches people discipline and better organization during the day. In each part of the world, one can find various kinds of sport.

Each country has its own traditions about sport.

For example Ukrainians are known to be great gymnasts, swimmers, figure skaters and hockey players. During the Olympic Games our sportsmen always show high class and win many gold medals. Winter skiing and snowboarding have also become very popular in Ukraine for the winter is long and snowy and our people have much time for practice. At every school there are at least three PE lessons a week, some of them are held outdoors despite the weather. There are also many sporting societies and clubs.

Ukrainians are also well-known for the soccer team though it is not our national kind of sport. Soccer has British origins and their people love to play it. Besides soccer they are fond of cricket, golf, polo, and horse-racing. To tell the truth there are some fancy types of racing in Great Britain, for example, dog-racing, donkey-racing, and even cheese-racing. A large number of British like to play and watch tennis. Every tennis fan knows the famous

Wimbledon Championship that calls together the best tennis players in the world.

As for me, I’m fond of jogging and running. I have a park near my house where I run every morning. My daily distance is 3 miles. The distance of Bill Clinton…There are many styles in running: long run, recovery run, fartlek, hill repeats, tempo run…All of them become a huge part of my life and I can`t imagine it without it.

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