Sport as the meaning of life

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It’s no secret that sports are favorite hobbies of almost every person. But what about esports?

I am a fan of the Ukrainian esports team NaVi (Natus Vincere) – ‘Born to win,’ as they call themselves. Although now they are not having the best times, the quarantine, offline matches with virtual spectators and simply unrealistic skills of other teams make them take not the best places in the matches this year.

But last year was also quite painful for NaVi, although 2020 started well, the pool of victories in tournaments, the first place in the Katowice 2020 tournament, was interrupted by world quarantine, problems began in the fall, there were losses, but not big ones.

And here is one of the tournaments at the end of autumn 2020, in November they met the one they could not beat, the worst AWP Vitality – ZywOo. He made a lot of noise, but NaVi suffered the most from him. The end of 2020 turned out to be the most unexpected. ZywOo became the top 1 in the world, and s1mple, who claimed this title for the second time, ended up in the second.

The ESL Pro Tour changed everything here. The end of the year was very hot, but it was this tournament that became the cherry on top. Titans Astralis, OG, Team Vitality and of course NaVi fought there, but almost all of them were knocked out by the CIS teams, on which no one had bet. Gambit – went through the entire bracket from start to finish, knocked out Vitality, overthrew ZywOo, and knocked out a victory for themselves. Such an American roller coaster was 2020 for NaVi. Now they continue to struggle, but setbacks are on their heels, perhaps in 2021 there will be a coup and new esports stars will be born?

But it’s too early to talk about it, I still hope that soon my favorite team will get up from its knees, get together and blow up the upcoming tournaments.

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