Spring Issue Of The Updated Ukrainian Language Marie Claire Ukraine

Three months ago, the Marie Claire team announced a rebranding. During the creation of the spring issue, the invited editor-in-chief Nadiia Shapoval aimed to reveal Ukraine through the prism of her vision.

In the already finished issue, the two covers are the first to do so. One depicts Victoria Kudinova, a 32-year-old resident of the village of Maidanetske, Cherkasy region. Victoria works as a shop assistant and raises a son. The magazine’s team accidentally met a woman while searching for locations to shoot ─ Victoria was walking in the field and taking a cow home. The photo shoot with Victoria’s participation was called “Princess,” and it took place in an authentic mazanka house 200 kilometers from Kyiv. The author is photographer Stefan Lisovsky. On the second cover ─ a girl from the village of Kryvorivnya, Ivano-Frankivsk region, dressed in traditional Hutsul costume. The author of the photo, which was called “The Mystical Beauty of Hutsuls,” was a Polish photographer with Ukrainian roots Jan Vasyukhnyk.

Marie Claire’s spring issue was the first of all the gloss to be published in Ukrainian. Writer and translator Sofiya Andrukhovych wrote an essay about the Ukrainian world especially for the issue, which also became the digital cover of the Marie Claire magazine. In addition, the issue included a conversation between Sofia Andrukhovych and Vlad Troitsky, director, playwright and founder of the Dakh Theater, about the native culture, language and national memory. And the founder of “I Gallery” and art curator Pavlo Gudimov talked to the artist, ceramist-monumentalist, sixties Galina Sevruk ─ about the history of art and the movement of the sixties.

“Marie Claire magazine has a rich history in Ukraine, but it has not been published in Ukrainian so far, and it has been a challenge for us. First of all, because in the new issue you will not find syndicated materials. All photos and texts are created by the publication team. And the heroes who took part were Ukrainians or people with Ukrainian roots. The spring issue is about our history, beauty, complex pages of history, current issues of the present and technologies of the future. It brings together the best professionals, people of art, literature and fashion, whose words you can not only read but also listen to in podcasts. And all this became possible thanks to the vision, unique style and uncompromising position of the invited editor-in-chief Nadiya Shapoval and the hard work of the team. From now on and forever ─ Marie Claire in Ukrainian,” comments Kateryna Lagutina, head of the Marie Claire Ukraine brand.

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