Сreativity. Several Words


I am convinced that creativity is a part of every person’s package. There is no person who is incapable of coming up with something of his or her own. All people are different and all people are wonderful. But we can sometimes forget that. People decide for themselves what creativity is for them. The problem is that things that may delight some people will seem strange and unnecessary to other people. You don’t have to think of yourself as the center of the world.

Everyone is capable of creating something beautiful. But you have to work for it…Many times…to create something tolerable, then not bad, then normal, and after that good. And then, after all the trials and errors, something fascinating follows.

As for me, I think a person’s desire to be creative is normal. But it’s important not to get hung onto the creative result, but to enjoy the process of finding creative solutions. Look for ideas in the world around you as well as in yourself.

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