Stone Village: a mysterious place where diseases disappear and desires are fulfilled

If you don`t know where to go on your weekend. Stone Village is waiting for you. It one of the most mystical and magic places in Ukraine. The monster looking stones are located to the east of the village Rudnya-Zamyslovytska in the Olev district of Zhytomyr region.

Many magnificent stone legends and legends are associated with mysterious stone boulders.

Giant stone blocks, scattered in the woods and mysteriously mossed over the years, have excited the imagination of the locals. Their origin is associated with many legends and myths.

According to one of them, God punished the whole village for one peasant who refused to give even a piece of bread to the Almighty beggar. Huge boulders rushed like an avalanche and covered the whole village turning it in ruins. Gradually all shabby houses got the shapes of stones. Of them, even a whole street was formed – that’s why they were called the Stone Village.

Another legend states that there was a battle between God and the dark forces. Still now, the stones have traces of the blows and claws of the runaway Beasts of Darkness. And the Winner-God made several steps on one stone before returning to heaven. This boulder has preserved the huge imprints of the Divine Creator so far.

To this boulder was put a ladder that allows you to see the traces of God – it can be done by anyone. By the way, they are not supposed to be only seen. By faith, if you step barefoot into the water that imprints the Lord’s footprints, all desires will come true and the illness will disappear.

Scientists say that the bizarre cliffs were scattered not by God and the Devil, but by an ordinary glacier moving from the north. Personally, I don`t believe them. In any case, the Stone Village looks fascinatingly fairy tale. You will never regret after visiting them. This place of force could be really called as one of the natural wonders of Ukraine.

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