Stranger’s Diary

(short story)

“Make yourself at home” — these were his first words when we flew into his apartment. It was the only thing he managed to say between our kisses.

I woke up at about 6 am. So I decided that it was the perfect time to make myself at home. And if I had been at home, I would definitely have read my diary, which was spread out on the table.

“She was dressed in a dress that had the color of a smiling naive lilac.”

Oh, I have a dress of a similar color.

“When I asked about her curls, it turned out that it was her natural hair.”

We started a conversation from that question…

“We laughed a lot at outspoken drunk teenagers.”

I don’t like it anymore.

“Then I invited her to dance to one of my favorite songs. And I promised that if she dances with me, she will like the song and me.

What the hell is going on here?! Why are the events of our evening described here exactly as they happened?!

“Then we came to me…”

“A ray of her brown eyes pierced the fully lit room when I asked her if she wanted to have breakfast… even though she wouldn’t have breakfast with me.

Oh my God, that can’t be.

Oh my God, that can’t be. It was her thoughts. At that time I was wondering where to put her body

With tears in my eyes, trembling, I turn to rustle behind.

“Trembling and tears in her eyes were the last signs of her miserable life

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