Strangers From the Forest

(fairy tale)

In a distant kingdom there lived a girl named Mariana. She was very kind and sweet, and most of all loved to sing songs in the forest. Her parents were merchants. They often left Mariana alone with her grandmother, who hardly took care of her, so the girl spent most of her time alone. Once, when Mariana was walking in the forest, a horrible hund attacked her. The animal almost bit her, but suddenly someone shot the beast. Mariana’s face was covered in blood. She got up to see her savior and it turned out to be a young guy in wolf fur. He ran up to her.

“Are you all right?” asked the young man. But Mariana did not have time to answer. She lost consciousness.

The first thing the girl saw after waking up was a wooden ceiling.

“But at my house it is whitewashed,” Mariana thought.

“You woke up!” joyfully said the same guy who saved her in the forest.

It turned out that his name is Luke. The young man and his family lived in the depths of the forest for years. Luke’s grandfather decided that life in the bosom of nature was better than among evil and envious people who were always sticking their noses to smell out some secrets. And there were many secrets in their family…

For a week, Mariana was being carefully treated at Luke’s house: his grandmother prepared the most delicious broths for her, and her father gave her healing ointments to heal her wounds, and other family members — mother, sisters, brothers, grandfather — treated her as if she were one of them.

Though Mariana was already ready to stay among good people and a fascinating forest, she had to return home.

Mariana’s parents, returning from a trip, were very frightened by the disappearance of their daughter. They searched for her all the time, but could not find her.When the girl appeared on the doorstep, they could not believe their eyes.

“Mom, Dad, I met such pleasant people! When I was injured, they treated me and were very hospitable,” Mariana passionately told about her adventure. She also said that Luke’s family lived in the forest for a long time.

The parents were very surprised: “Is this…the royal family that has disappeared?”

Twenty years ago, the power in the kingdom was seized by impostors, and the king, trying to save the life of his family, disappeared in an unknown place. There were rumors that they fled to the forest, but it was dangerous to live there because of wild animals. The king and his family managed to survive.

“Show us the way to their shelter,” Mariana’s father asked.

Together they went to the forest and found the house of the royal family deep in the forest. But it was empty. The king must have understood that Mariana would return, and they ran away again.

“I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to live with cruel people who wanted their family to die. Because of them, they have to hide all their lives,” said Mariana, lowering her head.

Their family remained to live in the house, which was once a shelter for the royal family. They were waiting for them, but they did not come back…With the exception of Luke…who came to marry Mariana.

The End

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