Stress, I bless! Don`t put me under Press!

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Putting me in a panic is too easy. Flood me up with University work, set up urgent deadlines, load me up with negative moods and coronavirus news, and voila, I start panicking! During this quarantine period and with all this virus nightmare, my thoughts got stuffed with fear, stress, and emptiness. Yeah, yeah, the total emptiness… OMG! I try to concentrate on different daily things, turning my brains into oatmeal and TV serials, digested rice and on-line business, some smartly stupid things and stupidly smart trifles, not knowing exactly what to do! 😅.

But I’ve already studied myself a bit that I’ve found ways to get out of this state; maybe it’s good for you, too:

🌿Workouts/stretching. To get away from the negative, I turn on my headphones and devote as much time as possible to my body. I stretch out, take pain in my muscles, clear my thoughts.

🌿 Reading a book. I started reading S. King’s new book “Four After Midnight” and it’s also important to pick up the genre. Even though it’s “horror”, it’s how I switch from real negativity to fictional one. In fact, it’s better to read novels and fantasies.

🌿 Tea. Green, herbal (chamomile), fruity is a great sedative, especially before bedtime.

🌿 Music. Try your playlist, remove songs that are associated with a negative period in life and find those that make you feel pleasant nostalgia.

🌿 If the weather is nice outside, take a walk in the park, get some air and get an extra dose of vitamin D.

🌿 Sweet. Favorite candy, black chocolate, honey with nuts. It’s all good for the mood but come to it with your mind too. Because the measure has to be everywhere.

Do you have effective ways to deal with depression/stress? Oh, once again I got this feeling…Save my Soul! I expect personal advice from you ❤️.


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