Stretch with Smile


I have always dreamed, probably like many girls, to become very flexible and plastic. I dreamed of doing the splits, doing stretching and achieving even greater results each time. All the time, with interruptions in eternity, I tried to study, that is, I started, but there was no system, no particular result, and I quit. But it returned, because somewhere in my soul there was a flame of desire and motivation.

Why did this happen?

I know that many are faced with this in the early stages of training, both with a coach and without. In my case, it was self-study at home.

  • lack of strategy

  • not the ability to correctly build a system of training

  • self-pity

  • lack of motivation

  • fear that it will not work out

  • lack of faith in ourselves and our strength (when we are still a little wooden, we are not very sure what the result will be)

  • no result, or it is very slow

In fact, the whole problem is motivation. When you desperately want something – you will find the time, opportunity, place, and it will be absolutely all the same for absolutely everyone and everything, you will automatically be sure that you will achieve the result. For there are no other options, when there is a frantic motivation and there cannot be, we are immediately subject to everything, nothing else scares, does not disturb, and there are no thoughts of giving up.

📌 I started actively practicing in March, in April I already did the front and side splits. On my own, at home, I thought out a system of classes for myself, and most importantly: I was ready not to give up, no matter what, and to achieve a result. Videos with dancing and gymnastics have always inspired me, and pictures in my imagination that I can do the same motivated me to such an extent that I could … that it will not work out…But I will not tire of repeating: if there is motivation, everything fades into the background and you just want to plow, sparing no effort and energy.

What does stretching give?

For me, stretching is not just the strength and elasticity of muscles, not just flexibility and plastic; it is also the health of the whole organism as a whole, because all parts of the body and organs are involved. It is also the peace of mind, a way of a kind of meditation and abstraction from the external environment, this is an opportunity to feel your body, feel yourself, turn off thoughts and focus on sensations, an opportunity to find harmony in yourself and fill your soul with peace. There is more energy and strength, despite physical exertion, the mood improves, as does the state of the body as a whole. Stretching is also a cure for pain, stretching can quench both physical and mental, because it relieves muscle tension and relieves the body of the associated stress. Stretching is a load on different muscle groups, which makes the body look graceful, toned and flexible, and in addition, you get healthy joints.

And know: stretching can and is useful to do, you can sit on the twine at any age, the main thing is to have a desire. And even with dysplasia of the hip joint (a childhood problem), which I also had – you can sit in twine, just watching the pain, choosing the “right” exercises and adjusting the load.

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