Student Guide: How to launch your career in the publishing business

When you are a student, getting a job in your chosen profession seems like a genuine miracle – everybody typically wants to hire a high-qualified person with a proper amount of experience. But where you can get one?

  1. Start your own publishing house. Okay, this is a joke, but only half one. If you are already studying publishing – put together all your projects into one folder. Needless to say, all the best ones but be sure to make most of them excellent – it is a magnificent way to express your creativity and experience. And a hell of an impressive portfolio!
  2. Add your future employers as friends on Facebook. You will not be the first one, but we often have the situation where publishers write about new vacancies on their pages on Facebook. In addition, presently you will know all the recent news in your field! Build your network of professionals and don’t underestimate this.
  3. Know your strengths and weaknesses too. It`s hard to get a chance to talk to editors-in-chief, but if you got one – do your best. It`s wonderful to know that now people value more your soft skills than hard skills. It`s a little bit easier to teach a person how to work with a computer program than how to be disciplined and properly organized. So it’s like your homework – write down your strengths and find out how they can relate to your future job in publishing. And your weaknesses – to find out how you can exterminate them!
  4. The last one but not the least – read as much as you can. I’m not talking about books only. Read articles, news, watch online discussions and be in touch with the leading people in publishing. Find out what the local government does (and does not) for publishing development. Find out the fundamental difference between our situation with books and it in other countries. Experienced employees can see when people desire to work with them and not. And they will willingly choose the first ones.
April 7, 2020

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