Students` Routine: Yesterday and Today

(contrast essay)

Have you seen in the movies what the typical students of the past century were like? Guys in black suits and girls in laconic dresses sat in the libraries for days. Long essays written by hand and sleepless nights as a sacrifice of science…

Students brought to the university full briefcases of books and monographs, wrote in chalk on the board and froze in cold classrooms. The abstract of the excellent student was worth its weight in gold… During the pairs students sat with their backs straight and recorded every third word of the prof. After a meager meal and short rest, they either ran to work or continued hit the books…

Students of the past had loud parties on the weekends, and every coin made them amped…They wrote letters to friends and family and stood in long lines at the post office or call box. They presented photos for memories and wrote romantic notes for their baes. Sometimes students had nothing to eat. Studying at the university was pivotal for them, because education gave them a chance for a better life. It was difficult to enter the university, so students appreciated the opportunity to get an education.

The live of modern students is directly opposite. Brightly dressed boys and girls are watching social media updates. The modern student is a typical meatware, who does tasks online and has sleepless nights due to overdue deadlines. They only take the phone and bank card to the university and sit in warm pajamas on the distance pairs. They do not need someone’s abstract, because all the information is freely available. Modern students work at McDonald’s, take care of visual branding or do SMM for brands. Only a few of them know how to open doors in libraries.

Students love to blow off steam on the loud parties, and every bill with a portrait of Vernadsky make them amped. They have dozens of chats in a Telegram with friends and family. Students can take several selfies a day and put ‘likes’ on hundreds of others. They can drink tea with biscuits, wrapped in a warm blanket and listen to a lecture. Studying at the university is not a priority nowadays, so students prefer extra courses or internships. We have a huge number of universities in the regions and the devaluation of Ukrainian diplomas and higher education.

There are no square caps and academic gowns of the past. Modern students like chalk and cheese. However, like the students of the past, we still have joie de vivre. The spirit of student`s life has faded a bit by Covid, but we are alive! We also don’t like vanilla routine, we use the principle of YOLO. We have not yet lost the desire to enjoy the wave of student youth! Hey-ho!

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