Subconsciousness as the basis of communication

People do not suspect that a limited set of certain words controls their internal psychological space, for the reason that they do not realize them, and therefore these words are of particular importance because through self-directing we give them, even more, weight and strength. As a matter of fact, the words are the only true and absolute tyranny that involuntarily obeys a person; they dictate to us the reality in which we live and the form of consciousness that we have to use. As J.Osteen once said, “You can change your world by changing your words…Remember death and life are in the power of words.”

But the biggest disappointment is that not only the world around us but also we learn from other people’s words ourselves. It should be noted that for the consciousness of each person the words are that they subjectively mean, although in reality there is not a word for the true wizard, and the brain is an organ in which all the words of our language are buried. It is it, the brain, which not only  memorizes the meaning of one or another word but also reliably encodes any bodily and spiritual experience that we acquire in connection with the word, and saves it in its secret repository. Consequently, the word that was pronounced in the voice or about itself, due to the repetition and similarity of the actual event with the situation of the past (especially the unfinished situation), restores in memory the experiences of the past, associated with this word, which had for us on that time of exceptional importance and therefore firmly embedded in our memory. The word restores these experiences with the same power of emotions and bodily reactions as in the past.

According to various calculations, from 70 to 90% of the information, a person perceives directly from the visual (visual) channel. Experimental studies show that words (which we attach so much importance to) reveal only 7% of the meaning, 38% of the values ​​are sounds and intonations, and 55% are poses and gestures.

Spontaneity and unconsciousness of nonverbal signals can reveal true feelings and thoughts of the interlocutor. Sometimes, body movements make feelings and secret intentions of a person clearer than words. So, choose the words cautiously, and even more cautiously think about your image and deeds.

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