Success From a Female Perspective

(opinion article)

For every woman, success is an individual concept. For someone, it is to marry, create a family, but for someone it is to realize oneself, build a career, be self-sufficient. There are many people who have succeeded, starting from scratch. And every successful person will advise you only one thing – go to your goal and never give up. And for your inspiration, I will give you a couple of examples of successful women:

Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama, the wife of the former president of the United States, is rightfully put in the leading position in the list of “100 Most Influential Women in the World.” In addition to political events, she is involved in charity events and helps organizations that protect the environment and also manages to be an ideal guardian of the family hearth: a caring mother for two charming children, a loving wife, and support for her man.

Angela Merkel. For many years, Germany’s main woman has consistently been one of the first places in the ranking of “The Most Influential Women in the World.” Angela not only leads one of the most powerful and richest countries in Europe, but also has an unbroken reputation in the elite circle of wealthy people.

Lady Gaga. ‘The Charming American’ with Italian roots Stephanie Germanotta is an authoritative pop singer. She donates money to charity organizations, helps children and everyone who needs it. The fact is that since childhood, not only her peers but also her own parents have mocked Stephanie! She had a huge nose from birth, which was the reason for the appearance of many offensive nicknames. The girl did not despair, but, on the contrary, motivated herself on the result. Stephanie had an excellent strong voice and moved in this direction.

Now her achievements in the field of music can be listed for a long time – the singer has made a huge contribution to the development of pop culture, has many fans around the world and tops the charts of the most listened singers in the world.

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