Success Surgery

What is a success? I think each of us interprets it in his or her own way. But today we will talk about the basic rules or being more precise about the basic success ingredients.

First of all – reading. Read everything that falls into your hands. Starting from the books on self-development and finishing with the books on marketing and sales. Time will pass and you say to yourself only thanks for that.

Agree. With everything and everyone. Stop proving something to someone. Its will not help you influence other people opinion. Try to come to an agreement. In life, work and communicate with people, not forgetting about harmony in everything.

Don’t wait for the right moment. In most cases, when you are waiting for the right moment, it comes too late. The winners are those who are not afraid to make decisions and act spontaneously, right off the cuff.

Don’t focus on the negative. Just take all aggressive, evil and vicious, and throw it in the nearest sewage, you don’t need it.

Leave your comfort zone. If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never know what  you are capable of.

Be open to new. Your opinion on many things will change. Don’t let different factors stop you from meeting new people, meeting new challenges, and experiencing new sensations.
Think about what good you can do for your friends and relatives, the company in which you work, the country in which you live. Think about how you can change this world and in the end you won’t notice how your life turns into a complete success.

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