Suddenly Sweet Rescue

(magical realism story)

It was a painfully cold day when the Walsh family packed their bags and decided to go on a sail trip to the North Sea. They rented a boat and started their voyage.

While sailing, the family saw sharks, electric rays, Basilosauruses, Tanystropheuses and many more other creatures. They saw that beautiful landscape of mountains with a pink snow on their peaks and forests with violet trees.

Suddenly, they felt a strong push from underneath and then heard a loud splash.

“Help me! Please! Somebody help me!”

A floundering and frightened boy was overboard begging for help.

“No! Alex, please, do something!” Mrs. Walsh was yelling at Mr. Walsh.

“Hey! Look right here! “ said their daughter Carol, “Someone is swimming around our miserable Michael!”

They looked at the water and saw a marvelous mermaid trying to catch the boy and take him to parents.

When Michael was on the boat again safe and sound, Mr. and Mrs. Walsh thanked the mermaid for the rescue and headed towards the shore.

“This mermaid was really sweet, kind and sympathetic, unlike her sisters, maybe I should fall in the water more often,” said the smiling boy.

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