Summer of Covid-19

(humorous short story)

This story happened to me last summer.

My Mom and I decided to go to a sanatorium for our vacation. And since you know, it wa a pandemic time, we were required to do a coronavirus test to convince sanatorium personnel that we were not contagious.

So we went to the lab to do the test. A nurse told us the results would be sent to our emails later that day. My Mom asked me to forward her my result as soon as I would get it.

After that, I met my friend, and we went for a walk. Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrating. While unlocking it, I saw a message from the lab and forwarded it to my Mom.

We kept on strolling, talking, and laughing when I realized that my Mom hadn’t called me yet to say I was Covid-free.

I told my friend that it was weird and then all fun began once again. She said to me, “Oh, Polina, I guess you have the coronavirus and right now your Mom is unpacking your stuff, throwing it away, and writing a note that you’re not her daughter and she doesn’t know who you are and so on”. I found her words funny, but she scared the hell out of me.

Eventually, I called my Mom and asked her about my results. You know, if you have number 1 in your results, you have the virus. If you have a number below 1, you are okay. Guess that my number was! 0.9!

I was shocked but happy that we would go on our vacation. Ouch!

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