Summer Will Wrap Its Arms Around Me


I was advised to distract myself and dream about the future…To be honest, I’m very tired of the present- day dramatic news, I want to fall asleep or disappear until this war is over. I hope that thinking about the future will bring me closer to it and to him…

So, the summer of 2022. I am finishing my third year of university. I would like to find a part-time job for the summer somewhere near my house. Last year I worked as a sports club administrator in a nearby village.

This spring, I caught myself thinking that I miss field flowers and green-thumb gardening. This is one of my hobbies. So this summer, maybe I’ll go to a flower shop as an employee. It sounds strange from a third-year student at the university, but I have not yet decided who I will be in the future. Now, my soul flies to flowers and I even don`t know why…But I do not plan to force myself to choose the path quickly. So I’ll just work where I like.

In the summer, in addition to work, I plan to walk and relax a lot. Maybe, I need to see a psychologist. Last summer, a few sessions helped me, so I can repeat this practice this year…

Also, in the summer I plan to take frequent walks with my friend, go on vacation with my parents, make new acquaintances. Speaking of little things, I want to get a tattoo on my neck, update my wardrobe, sew a skirt, finish reading my favorite book, transplant ficus Vasyl in a bigger pot (because it is cramped in an old pot).

It seems like I just want to live my normal life, but now I have a feeling that I’m not living my life at all, it’s not like that at all…I long for a little bit of summer even in the middle of spring…But I believe that all evil things will end, the summer will come and everything will be fine…

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