Sunny and Rustic

(ironic essay)

I think almost everyone feels more confident and cool when walking down the street in headphones. I also sometimes give in to such a trend. One day I strolled so cool in white socks and white sandals, to rhythmic music in headphones and felt like the Queen of the world, well, or at least of our village. At that moment, I didn’t care what I was wearing, but to be honest, fashion just doesn’t exist for our village at all. So when I’m in the village, I dress in a rustic style and its main rule is to wear something comfortable and old, something cozy and folk. And as a girl who follows our village fashion trends, I always follow this rule.

Suddenly, I got a road wave from a car passing nearby. I got angry like a wet hen. My white socks got grey and my white sandals got muddy…However, the car driver noticed my disarray. He pulled over and gave me a box of chocolate candies, saying, “Do forgive me, Sunshine, I am just a bit clumsy today…”

In my opinion, clothes are still not the main thing, even being in white socks and white sandals you need to be a sincere, sunny and a cheery person, because you are so visible around.

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