Sunshine Paintings

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Vincent van Gogh is one of the greatest artists in his century. He was a prominent representative of the Post-Impressionism and became a genius of the art.

Vincent’s family also was connected with paintings: they were selling the artists’ works. Firstly, our young talent also tried to join family business, and he even succeed in a moment, but his soul wanted to create.

Van Gogh’s personality had a lot of questions relating to mysterious aspects. For instant, that story about his ear, which he cut on his own. On the one hand, they said that it was the influence of a bottle of absinthe; on the other hand, it was the result of some unshared love. He also was in insane asylum for a while, where the doctors affirmed that though he was weird a bit, he was a great man with a rare talent.

You should see and estimate his famous works such as ‘Sunflowers,’ ‘Starry Night’ or ‘Café Terrace at Night.’ Before 1886 his works weren’t such colorful. If you look at ‘Potato eaters,’ you’ll probably not recognize the master in it. His early paintings are dark, ascetic and cold. Perhaps it related to his biography moments: unrequited love, troubles with job or loneliness. But despite this, these paintings also could be called as masterpieces.

Let’s talk about his later works. When you look at ‘Sunflowers,’ you feel absolutely far-fetched emotions: happiness, inspiration and delight. It seems like paintings which are made from the sunshine rays. Such colors as red and yellow make an illusion of warm and pleasant memories. You want to look at the picture more and more.

Nowadays, Van Gogh’s figure is an icon for the youth. Printings of his art cover trendy and classy T-shirts, socks, bags, notes, phone cases etc. Everyone knows his name. Several films are dedicated to various periods of his life. All fans can visit Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to meet his works and discover a bit more about this incredible person, who “doesn’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes him dream.”

In my opinion, if you would like to plunge in the world of the modern art, you should start from the chef-d’oeuvres of Van Gogh…He is Omega and Alpha of it.

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