Sweet Dream Door

(Magic Realism short story)

There was a family from a caring mother, action father and daydreaming daughter Zoe. They moved often, from one town to another, from one village to another –so Zoe had no friends.

The lonely girl often sat in her sleeping room, inventing mystical creatures and her own magical country. One night she was awakened by an odd rustle coming from her closet. Hearing the sound, the girl approached it, and when she opened the door, the country she had fantasized about opened up in front of her astonished eyes.

Without hesitation, Zoe entered the door and immediately plunged into a journey through a magical country, where the houses were made of rainbow sweets, the hilarious inhabitants of cookies, and the fruit punch river. Without delay, the girl decided to go into the caramel castle and to enjoy the candy atmosphere. As soon as she opened the door, she heard a merry children’s choir, and then a man with glazed cookies ran up to her and began to get acquainted in a pleasant way. After saying a few words, his voice was getting slow, low and loud like a bell…

It causes an anxiety in the soul of Zoe. She looked back and noticed an alarm clock. Immediately she realized that she had dreamed about it all…She rubbed her eyes, remembered the magic spell words of her granny, “Raven, raven, save me, save me…” In a while she came back to her sleeping room…Just only at the entrance she noticed a plate of candies and glazed cookies.

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