Switzerland as a Touristic Choice

Annually, millions of tourists fly, go, and ride to Switzerland. Why attracts all of them? A lot of things, however, I think that is just a picturesque and at the same time great and wise country. As once said F.Scott Fitzerald, “Switzerland is a country where very few things begin, but many things end.”

Switzerland is a country in the heart of Europe, bordering Germany in the north, Italy in the south, Austria and Liechtenstein in the east and France in the west. Over 60% of its territory is occupied by the Alpine mountains covered with glaciers, meadows and lakes. The capital of Switzerland is the city of Bern, located in the eastern part of the country. Major cities include Geneva, Zurich, Basel and Lausanne.

Swiss cuisine has been influenced by France, Italy and Germany. However, it also has a number of unique dishes. Thus, it is definitely worth tasting fondue – slices of dried bread dipped in melted cheese (also used with fresh fruit and hot chocolate). The Swiss appreciate the quality of products, so despite its simplicity, the dishes are not just tasty but really healthy.

Bern is the official capital of Switzerland. The old part of the city is included in the list of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO, so fans of sightseeing should visit it. The medieval spirit of the city lives in its unique appearance – narrow streets and Gothic facades. Art lovers will find numerous museums and galleries, the main one of which is the Paul Klee Center, with the most complete collection of works by the artist. The house of Albert Einstein, a renowned resident of Bern, pays tribute to the genius of physics, can be visited with the museum of the great scientist. Bern’s central location makes it a great destination to stop for a few days and then explore Switzerland.

Picturesque Montreux is one of the most important resorts on the Swiss Riviera. Charlie Chaplin, Freddie Mercury and many other famous people used to stay here. Protected from all sides by a bay on Lake Geneva, surrounded by vineyards and magnificent snow-capped alpine peaks, the city has a stunningly mild climate, so do not be surprised by the growing palms, cypresses and other plants here, typical of the Mediterranean coast. It is worth the trip to enjoy the amazingly clean air, the beauty of nature and the cruises on Lake Geneva. The city’s cultural highlights include the Montreux Jazz Festival, held every summer in June and July in the open air, which is considered one of the most important events for music lovers.

Among the alpine peaks, on the banks of the Rhône River, is the city of Geneva, Switzerland’s most cosmopolitan city. It is home to the European headquarters of the UN and the Red Cross headquarters, making the city known as the “capital of the world” and a major congress center. Traditions are revered in Geneva and monuments of the past are carefully preserved. One of the best preserved streets is Gran Rue, which is known for the fact that Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born there. From the stern of numerous boats, tourists can admire the unique views of castles and residences against the backdrop of a wonderful landscape and the magical mountain panorama. A popular destination for excursions, Mont Salev is in neighboring France: a cable car takes visitors to an altitude of 1100 m in just five minutes, offering incredible views of the city, Lake Geneva, the Alps, the Jura and Mount Mont Blanc.

So if you want to see touristic attractions of a small country but with a giant profile, go to Switzerland, as one of their proverbs says, “Words are dwarfs, deeds are giants.”

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