Talking With a Cat

(opinion article)

Every year you can see the word “creativity” more and more often, it has already become a clichéd characteristic, which must be a part of a successful person. Many people know this word and, at the same time, have abstract ideas of what creativity is. American psychologist Paul Torrens gave the following definition of creativity, “…digging deeper, looking twice, listening to smells, talking to a cat, cutting holes to see through, cutting corners, getting into deep water, getting out of locked doors.”

That is the ability to invent and create something completely new. The extremely enticing word “success” consists of several ingredients. First of all, it’s creativity because almost everything starts with a good idea. There are many techniques for developing creativity. The so-called brainstorming is when all the ideas that come to mind come out and then the best one is chosen.  Successful people aren’t afraid to talk to themselves sometimes, or as Paul Torrens used to say, with his cat, because it is scientifically proven that when people talk their brain generates gobs of good ideas.

Creativity helps to solve existing problems because a good idea can find a solution even in a hopeless situation. Creative thinking pushes a person to find different ways of self-development, allows realizing the coolest concepts, makes life markedly miscellaneous.

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