Techno Addict, Gloomy Verdict

Wakey, wakey, Ball is Waiting

(Opinion article)

It is well known that  our life develops constantly, so as technologies. Can you imagine your life without using a mobile phone, TV or Internet? I think no, because all of these items make our life easier. Now you can order clothes, food and other stuff from all around the world just in one click via your smartphone. Don’t forget about paying bills, reading news, watching movies, etc.

However, you should moderate your time using technologies because it can turn into an addiction.

We all heard about crazy kids who destroy their computers because of losing in their favorite game and also we all watched famous Ukrainian variety show about problematic children. The main problem is that many people trying to escape from reality to the virtual world because of peculiar problems in their life, rotten relations with others or just because of misunderstanding. And its all can lead to loads of days in front of the screen.

So, I offer you my own tips for a better style of living:

1. Try not to evade your problems and escape on the Internet, but to find a soulmate with whom you can share all your unfortunate and happy moments.

2. Moderate your time on Internet, make a day-plan with all your tasks without wasting time in the net.

3. Instead of watching TV after the University studies or mundane work go for a stroll with your friends or folks.

4. Remember that long looking on the screen can harm your eyes, so after each hour in front of a ‘fizle-vizle’ make a pause and just relax with closed eyes; eye exercises can also be ‘crack cooling’.

5. Remember that life is too short to waste it in front of a ‘boob tube’ screen.

I hope my tips would be helpful to you. So, rise and shine, it`s time for wine! Do forgive me, if you are a teetotaler, wakey, wakey, ball is waiting!.

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