Ten Most Terrible World Places

(Opinion article)

Today I decided to highlight the ten most terrible places in the world.

1. Marshak Swamp closes my top ten list. It is located on the territory of Louisiana (The Pelican State of America). The horror is added not only by the atmosphere itself but also by the swamp, the presence of alligators, strange trees and mass graves.

2. Cane Hill Hospital is located on the 9th place. This is a psychiatric hospital, which is located in Croydon. This is London. The hospital operated until 1991. Well, and then … at first people inhabited it, and then abandoned this ghosted place forever. In many offices, even medical equipment has been preserved.

3. I’ll put Pripyat on the 8th place. (Ukraine). This city is located 2 kilometers from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. This city can be called a real phantom.

4. On the 7th place, there is the city of Bangar, located on the territory of Rajasthan (India). Many people claim that this is the most populous city. But, the population of the city, these are not people, but ghosts. Bangar was built in honor of the prince (1573). Thus, they paid tribute to his military merits. But in 1783, all the inhabitants left this settlement. It is believed that the city was left because of the curse. Due to the fact that there is a huge number of ghosts, the city is closed for visits immediately after sunset.

5. Centralia is located on the 6th place of the TOP. In the state of Pennsylvania (The Philly Coal State), the city of Centrelia is located. In 1962 the firemen decided to clean the city of garbage and set it on fire in one of the mines. But the fire reached deeper depressions. Because of this, the mine itself was ignited. This led to the fact that people left this city. At the moment, the danger here lies in wait for each step. Poisonous gases, a road that can collapse right under your feet and so on.

6. On the 5th place there is “The Gates of Hell.” It is located on the territory of Turkmenistan. The width of the crack fault is almost 100 meters. In 1971, an accident occurred at the Soviet drilling station, which provoked not only the appearance of a fault but also a gas leak. And here scientists distinguished themselves, who declared that these gases are best burned. They were set on fire, and it burns to this day, with which no one can say for sure when they will cease to burn.

7. On the 4th place, the sanctuary Tofet is located, which is in Tunisia. Thousands of children are buried here. According to one version, in the days of Carthage, children were sacrificed, and later, because of hunger, they were eaten…

8. Aokigahara is on the 3rd place. This forest is located in the immediate vicinity of Mount Fuji (Japan). This place is remarkable because it is very popular among suicides. Annually, the government sends a group of people here, in order to clear the forest of corpses.

9. Chauchilla Cemetery is in second place. It is located near the Nazca Cemetery and is filled with remains of pre-Hispanic inhabitants of Peru.

10. In Palermo (Italy) there are catacombs of Capuchins. They were meant for the monks to bury their deceased brothers by faith. But, the very atmosphere (environment, nature) turned corpses into mummies. The last burial place dates back to the early 1990s. Now this place is open for tourists.

This is how my TOP looks like the most terrible places in the world. 

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