Ten Tips How to Become a Good Talker

  1. Smile. In fact, any communication begun with a smile already disposes a man to you. By means of a smile, you show that you are sincere and open to a productive dialogue. It is needed to mention, that a smile is felt even in an extension call. Besides, people like idiots…surely, it is a joke.
  2. You always have a topic to talk about. It is necessary to define which subject is amusing to the person and to start chatting on this theme. There are a small number of people that are interested in nothing. Anyway, you always can talk about this person. Show attention to him/her, show sincere personal interest, and you will find afterward many topics for conversation.
  1. If you are not understood, so, you chose the wrong topic or expressed yourself in a dubious way. Build the speech so, that everything should be clear for your companion. Then you will stop getting irritated and angered on a person who just misheard or misunderstood something.
  1. Do compliments. Feel free to declare oneself like a positive person and bolster up the courage of the surrounding people. Remember that compliments must go from your soul. Frank flattery only pushes away people from you. However, don’t be afraid to praise those who licked a problem perfectly. Thank those who heaved up a good joke to your mood. Do compliment to those who look smart and stylish. But it is desirable to keep in mind that everything should be done in moderation. Though they say that you should not allow compliments to get into your head, many people start blossoming while hearing applause or admiration. Why not support them at least spiritually?
  1. The active listening method is vital. You look at your interlocutor, nod your head, comment on his/her story, but do not interrupt. You can help to find necessary words and phrases, when a companion stumbled, to set questions, continue an idea. So you will give a hint, that a person is interesting to you. And it will trigger a desire to continue chatting with you.
  1. Try to name a person with whom you speak more often. As psychologists said, the sound of the proper name is the most pleasant and sweet sound for the ear of all human beings. The name is given to any person at birth and he or she carries it during all life.
  1. Talk clear and simple. Even if both for you and your interlocutor has a few higher educations, do not use difficult scientific terms and turns in conversation. It is not needed to try the form of nonsensical conversation to give itself some doubtful status. Any clever person will understand, however, as far as you are clever or foolish.
  1. Do not interrupt your companion and do not advise if you are not asked. Listen till the end, and then comment on the words. So you will show your interest. While interrupting, on the one hand, you show the lack of upbringing, on the other hand, you show that you are all ears. If a desire to give uninvited advice will appear deep in your soul, crush it down decisively. A person will think otherwise that you count yourself smarter and it will be an additional obstacle for successful communication. Intellectual chauvinists, as well as smart Alecs, are not popular now.
  2. The conversation must be curious for you. If you have to support a dull and drab conversation, try to go deep in the theme of conversation. Otherwise, a person, not feeling feedback, will stop a conversation.
  3. Delete the pronoun “I” from your conversation. It is common knowledge that all people in their nature are egoists. And, as a rule, all want to listen mainly about darling themselves. At the same time, it is not a good idea to turn into a ‘yes-man.’ So, try to bypass extremes and be creative and humorous. People like funny chatterers.

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