Texas is the USA, the USA is Canada. The Best Places to Visit

If you want to feel the spirit of the USA, you are to go to Texas. Texas is Number 1, and it is not bragging. All Americans know it. That is the truth. But if you have already been there, the following stunning sites are the best to visit.

The Grand Canyon (Arizona)

The Grand Canyon is considered the deepest canyon in the world. It is located in the same national park in Arizona. In ancient times, Indians of various tribes lived here. At the bottom of the canyon flows the Colorado River. Tourists can arrange rafting on the river. This object is included in the UNESCO list and can be included in the list of the most beautiful places in the world.

For many people, this is a symbol of Westerns, the eternal confrontation between Indians and Americans. The fauna and flora here are quite diverse due to climate change at different heights of the canyon.

Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana)

This national park covers several states: Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Geysers and thermal springs are the visiting cards of Yellowstone Park. Tourists will be able to see the most beautiful local lakes, rivers, and canyons. The lakes located in the vent of the Caldera supervolcano are the famous sights of the United States. The local flora and fauna are represented by several thousand species of plants, as well as many animals and birds.

Hunting within the park is prohibited, but fishing is permitted, but only after acquiring a special license.

Monument Valley (Arizona)

Interesting monuments of nature and culture of the United States — historical buildings, national parks, unique natural formations — concentrated in Arizona. A separate point in the journey to these lands deserves an unusual geological monument – Monument Valley in the north-east of the state. This is the land of amazing sandstone cliffs, the height of which reaches 300 meters. Hundreds of millions of years ago, on the site of a desert where these rocks rise, was the sea. Later, the sea went away, and on this place was formed the plateau.

Mount McKinley (Alaska)

Located in the Denali National Park, McKinley Peak rises into the sky — the highest mountain in North America, with a height of about 6,200 meters. The climate on this mountain is especially harsh — for example, on its top, the lowest air temperature on the planet was recorded, — 83 degrees Celsius. Brave travelers from around the world dreamed of conquering this impregnable peak — among the pioneers was James Cook, who, by the way, made two expeditions here, and only the second of them was successful. Today at the foot of McKinley you can visit a beautiful natural park – an islet of rough and untouched nature with echo lakes, high mountains, snow-capped peaks. There are even special campsites and observation decks with a dizzying view.

Death Valley (California, Nevada)

The Death Valley in the United States is the largest park in the Mojave Desert and the hottest place on Earth. Its area is 13 628 square miles, and stone formations have existed for about 500 million years. Its name was Death Valley in 1849, during the California Gold Rush. Some immigrants, in order to quickly get to the gold mines, decided to shorten the path to California through the desert. One person from the group did not reach the end, and the rest crossed the valley, but hungry and dehydrated.

The name Death Valley really pays off. This is a lifeless, harsh and the hottest point on the planet. The maximum temperature in summer reaches 46 ° C, and in winter it can drop to zero. July 10, 1913, in the Death Valley Park, the highest temperature on Earth was recorded – 56.7 ° C. Despite this, there is life in the desert. There are several rare species of animals left from prehistoric times – insects, fish, snails that have adapted to this environment.

While going to the USA remember the phrase of Benjamin Franklin, “Most people die at 25, we just don`t bury them until they are 75.” While being there, you will feel that even at the age of 30, 50, or 70, you will be young…America is the country full of oomph, life and freedom!

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