Thank you Uman!

On September 21, students of the Scientific Society of the Institute of Journalism in Kyiv Borys Grinchenko university spent a day in Uman in connection with the European days’ program.

The journey started at 07:00 P. M. and ended near 21:00 P. M. – all this time students had the following plan of their activity: excursions, visiting the museum (Local Lore Studies museum in Uman), caves of Vasylianskyi monastery, sightseeing.

The trip was made on a big and new bus, so all the students felt comfortable: for some events, they were traveling from place to place by bus, sometimes by foot, it depended on distance.

It was a great possibility to spend the weekend with friends, to get incredible information and facts, to see the new place , and to get inspired by new emotions. Thank you Uman for your hospitality!

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