The ‘Alchemist’ By Paulo Coelho

The ‘Alchemist’ is the best of Paulo Coelho’s works. This is a serious book about such things: how to be a person, how to make your dreams come true, about the kindness and love that are inherent in each of us.

The book tells how a simple shepherd boy acted contrary to his parents because his goals and desires were strong and noble. Coelho hints that everyone can come to success, but only on the condition that he clearly defines for himself how this success must be. The true meaning of the novel is deeply hidden: behind the plot, dialogues and descriptions, behind the mood, there is a message from the author, who seeks to convey to the reader the idea that the strength of his soul, combined with the right choice of direction for movement, can give any person a lot.

The merit of the author lies precisely in the fact that he was able to present complex and subtle things in such a light and fascinating form.

Coelho is engaged in a conversation with the reader, the topic of which does not tolerate haste. Slowly talking about Santiago and his adventures, the author leaves the reader with the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the novel, immerse himself in reading completely. That is why the plot is not oversaturated with events — this narrative has a different goal. In the ‘Alchemist’ Coelho does not seek to tell a striking and spellbinding story, he wants to convey the thought hidden in it, its moral, and this requires thoughtfulness and relaxation.

I do not urge you to read the whole of Paulo Coelho, but if you really want to get to know him, then grab the ‘Alchemist’ at first.

The ‘Alchemist’, a ‘cult’ novel by Paulo Coelho, is a parable for our time, and it is not for nothing that it is a favorite book of millions of people in 117 countries. “To achieve the embodiment of one’s destiny is the only true duty of a person…” My rating is 10/10.

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