The Best Christmas Day

I wish I could wake up some Christmas Day somewhere in Norway. Or any country full of mountains. Cause for me Christmas or New Year`s Eve it must be close to mountains. Snowy Mountains! It’s actually my big big love.

So one day I would wake up in a small mountain cottage with all my family and friends. Outside it would be snowing hard with heavy snowstorms and twisting blizzards. We would be sitting at large panoramic windows looking at a fireplace bonfire in the living room. So we would wake up and start exchanging gifts while drinking cocoa with chocolate. We would dress warmly and go to play snowballs. I would like to make a large and real snowman. Because you would never do a handsome snowman in Kyiv. It would be cool to put a real bucket on his head. I have never done this in my life.

For me, the New Year is still a special holiday. It was special in childhood. It is special now and will be special in future. Forever-ever… I even don’t know why the New Year, maybe, because it’s really a family holiday. On this day people whom you love so much and whom you see not so often can get together to exchange funny stories and to enjoy the life together. It does this day so lovely.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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