The Black Hole

Look, meeting, date, love …

She assembles such a formidable force of attraction that no, even the most accelerated particles can leave its surface, not even light. Space and time can be deformed next to her.

She is charming, fascinating, gorgeous and mysterious, which is why many men fall into her trap. Maybe people are fascinated by her style and behavior. However, I know one story.

He was comely, fond and had no money problems, but possessed a weak point: he could be very easily manipulated.

Look, meeting, date, love …

He was forever entrapped in the web of her seduction. No one heard about him or identified him anymore, there is only one mention about this lure light.

I mention only one such story, although there are many of them, lurking from everywhere. For example, one was fair-haired, the second had blue eyes, another was fat, and the next was tattooed. The calculator would explode prematurely if I started entering the number of guys dragged into her black-hole darkness.

Look, meeting, date, love …

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