‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak

‘The Book Thief is a short story that, among other things, says: about a girl; about different words; about the accordionist; about various fanatical Germans; about a Jewish brawler and a lot of thefts. This book is about the power of words and the ability of books to nourish the soul.

The main character is Death … It’s strange … but in this book, for some reason, death is male, but I still have a heroine, it’s easier…The author in a wonderful way combined a realistic story with a story that leads death, initially I did not like this idea, since all the magic is not mine at all. But still I was able to appreciate the idea, since the scale of events can only be understood by observing the “work” of death, how much and in what situations it can take…

A book thief is a female “thief.” Liesel’s story is connected with books, but very from afar, in general, it is the pain of a girl who had to feel the horrors of war. The girl had to grow up in a strange family, with a rather cruel “mother” and a beloved and loving father, who taught her to read the books that she took. The German family looks quite trite until the moment when it begins to hide a Jew in it, this moment cannot leave indifferent, and most importantly, it clearly shows that in any situation there are people who are able to look sensibly at what is happening around them.

The experiences of the person whom the heroine calls father are very clearly shown, his internal struggle in the second half of the work, very much responded to me. All heroes are quite simple, but with their zest, with their own character and in the imagination, they do not mix. But the story of death is more striking, although readers still do not see the scale of what is happening, since the events take place in Germany, and the most terrible things did not happen there.

But at the same time it is impossible to remain indifferent when Death describes his work. The structure of the work is splendid, as is the manner of presentation, there are very prepossessing phrases that you just want to write down so as not to forget, but, frankly, I think they would be more suitable for a book with a different topic. Despite the fact that I am not delighted with the book, I would like to continue my acquaintance with the author’s work. My rating is 7.5/10.

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