‘The Casual Vacancy’

(book review)

Probably everyone knows Joan Rowling, a famous fantasy writer, and her famous hero Harry Potter. This work brought her the greatest fame; she became a favorite of children’s audiences. However, Joan Rowling decided to write a novel for adults after the series about the surviving boy. Personally for me, she is a children’s writer, so it was strange to start reading her book for adults, it created a certain intrigue.

So, the book ‘The Casual Vacancy’ itself is completely contrary to the stories about magic. In the book you can find stories about intimate things, sprinkled with obscene words used by the characters. Joan Rowling seems to have restrained her feelings and emotions by releasing stories about Harry Potter, and in the new book she splashes them all out. If it weren’t for that, this book makes a mixed impression. At first it is simply not clear what it is about, but then everything begins to be quietly explained. Some deep issues are raised unexpectedly, “It was strange how your brain could know what your heart refused to accept.”

Each chapter tells about various families, their kids, and the personal situations of the heroes. And all these people are connected by one desire – to fill the vacancy of the head of the city council, which came as a surprise to everyone. I think Rowling was inspired by real life, because people are creatures who are always fighting for their place under the sun, and more specifically for money and power.

In general, the novel ‘The Casual Vacancy’ deserves the rating of 8 out of 10. For me, personally, Joan Rowling is a children’s writer and I am not used to seeing her in adult literature, though reading her “Harry Potter” is a prodigious pleasure.

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