‘The Crow’

(film review)

It can’t rain forever.”
— Eric Draven

Revenge — harmful actions produced from the urge to punish for a real or imaginary injustice caused earlier. And although it can be different, in the movie that will be discussed, we will have to face a special revenge — it will not be a living person who will punish the offenders, but his spirit.

The story in the dark fantasy film ‘The Crow,’ directed by Alex Proyas, will tell you about the gloomy fate of Eric, a murdered musician, and his girlfriend Shelly. On the night of Halloween, a gang of robbers came to their house and just for fun, raped Shelly ruthlessly and stabbed her fiancé Eric, not forgetting to throw him out of the window…A year later, his spirit returned for each of them. For what? To send their souls to Hell…

The first thing that catches your eye is the gloomy atmosphere of the film. A small town is terrorized by gangs who seem to be programmed to rob, to ravage and rub out simply because they like it. Such crimes happen almost every day, and the police cannot do anything about it. Residents of the town have long lost faith in something good and gracious. Their hearts are jam-packed with drop dead fear. This atmosphere is emphasized by a spine-tingling image of a rough raven flying over a city plunged into darkness.

To some extent, this is a superhero movie, since the history of creation rests on the roots of comics. The story plot was born in the head of James O’Barr, the author, 3 years after his beloved died in a car accident.

Definitely the strong side of the story is in juxtaposed emotions, contrasting with each other and creating paired combinations: love — pain; good evil and bad good; happiness — trouble, etc.

Good work with the cast, picturesque panoramic scenes of the city — all this gives the film a special style — intriguing and memorable.

The film has a cool, gothic atmosphere, but it is bagged a bit and due to the fact that it was shot in 1994, the graphics and special effects are weak. My rating is 9.5 / 10.

P.S. The damn footsies with evil forces are often punished…Soon after the end of the film shooting, Brandon Lee, who played the star role, died under enigmatic circumstances…

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