The day that taught me to live” by Laurent Gunel

If everyone were aware of their value, the world would be completely different”
(Laurent Gunel)

My rating is 5 stars out of 5.

When problems occur in our lives, we wait for the so-called white line. We expect that one day everything will change for the better. But imagine that you have a few days or months left to live, and there is no time to “wait for what will get better.” It’s worth living in here and now.

The book is filled with enthusiasm, enthralling stories and tips that inspire and encourage you to appreciate every minute of your life. After reading it, you immediately begin to rethink your existence. The problems don’t seem so bad. The content of the book grasped me from the first minute of reading. A rather unexpected ending that helps you not to be disappointed. I do recommend reading it…

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