The first thing I want to do post-Quarantine

(Own opinion)

We’re in this unprecedented global position of social distancing, quarantine realities, lockdown laws while dealing with re-inventing our realities and managing anxiety on a mass scale. However, we are united by the dream of getting out of captivity quarantine faster. Each of us already has a plan of things that await us after isolation. I want to share my goals with you. So, what I am going to do after quarantine?

Go Out

Unsurprisingly the restrictions on our movement and daily interactions have made us crave getting out of the house and doing what we love to do in the fresh air. Now I want to express the wish for a long and lazy coffee with friends, a beautiful bike ride, a chance to go to a concert, dance, drink, go shopping and generally be sociable again.

See Friends

We’re learning new ways of connecting with our friends on the Internet. Online meetings are cool, but I want more. Right after the quarantine is over, I want to meet my friends. I’m so lacking in hugs, movie hikes, shopping together, and just meaningless talking. I love my friends very much, so I look forward to meeting them.

Take a Trip

Our travel plans have all been postponed and the only voyages happening are flights of the imagination, but that never stops us from dreaming and planning future escapes. We can look back at trips and have plenty of time to plan our future journeys, as the travel dream never ends. For example, I really want to go abroad. However, before that, I dream of visiting my grandparents who live in the village. I missed them, so it would be the best trip for me.

Of course, this is not the whole list of things I plan to do after quarantine. I also don’t forget about beauty salons. All the girls understand me. New manicure, hairstyle, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Beauties, are you with me? So, I wish everyone patience and inspiration. I’m sure you also know what’s waiting for you after isolation. Will you share your ideas with me? Cheers, big ears!

April 21, 2020

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