‘The girl with a dragon tattoo’ by Stig Larson

(book review)

‘The girl with a dragon tattoo’ — the detective novel, the first book of the trilogy “Millennium” of Stig Larson, the famous Swedish writer.

Before I give a personal assessment and share my impressions of reading this book, I want to tell a little about the story.
The action unfolds in Stockholm. Experienced Swedish journalist Mikael Blumqvist is tasked with an unusual investigation. His job is to find a missing girl forty years ago. By a certain coincidence, his partner becomes Lisbeth Salander — a talented hacker, with a difficult childhood and pronounced signs of the accentual personality disorder. She is excluded from society, very closed and clearly does not comply with social norms. He is on the contrary — a successful, open-hearted and self-confident skirt-happy man.

Before us, we have two parallel stories of two completely different people with the only contact point – their incredibly original task. The main idea of the work is to force the reader to look differently at asocial people and to push on reflections concerning how wrong the first impression often is.

In the novel, philosophical problems are almost completely ignored. The author describes life in a rather rude way, literally paints all evil deeds in detail, from mental disorders, and to human essence deformations.

In spite of the fact that some parts seem too tightened and the subject line looks quite standard, the author skilfully keeps an intrigue up to the end, gradually disclosing the main characters.

A very big part of the novel is devoted to Lisbet Salander: her image is the reflection of all those social problems which people face in real life.

The final to the novel is hard for perception; it leaves behind a lot of food for thought and, undoubtedly, touches almost all soul strings. Frankly speaking, while closing the book, I had just only one idea in my head – where to get and to read two following parts of the trilogy.

Personally, the book caused a huge range of emotions in my heart: from lovely smiles and kind laughter till dreadful disgust and hopeless hatred. The novel will grasp the minds of all detective stories fans and those who can`t live without extraordinary, eccentric and enthralling works. My rating is 10 out of 10.

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