The Golden Pheasant

(humorous story)

A new fashionable and luxury restaurant has been opened recently.  A staff of the restaurant is on a nervous wreck. Therefore, after 5 days, it has not had customers yet. But one day a lucky stranger eventually dropped in.

Peter, a waiter, emotionally burst into the kitchen, “Quick! Quick!”

After that, chef Gordon began to yell and run around in circles, “What?! Is it a fire? Calm down, everybody! Chill out!”

“What? It’s not a fire. We’ve got a customer…” Peter said.

Cecilia, the administrator, was wondered, “A customer?! At long last.”

Gordon annoyed asked, “Well, what does he want? I am dying of curiosity.”

“He wants the… `Spatchcocked peasant with lemon and herbs`,” Peter answered.

The chef was a big snob, “Pheasant, not peasant. Call yourself a waiter, right? Honestly…”

Ceilia angrily added, “Come on Gordon, get a move on, we can’t let our first customer get away.”

“I know, I know. Now, where did I put the pheasant…,” Gordon said

“I’ll give you a hand if you like,” offered a cleaner Mary.

“You stick to washing up, love. Cooking pheasant is a job for a professional chef…” Gordon replied, “Now where is that stupid pheasant?”

The waiter added, “…the customer says ‘pull your finger out’ – he’s off to the theatre soon.”

Gordon didn`t stop complaining, “I’ll tell him where he can stick his finger…”

Cecilia tried to appease, ‘Gordon, stay here and cook – come on, quick as a flash.’

Gordon roared like a wounded bear, “I need a pheasant!”

“I’ve found the pheasant – and it doesn’t smell too fresh,” Mary said with an unpleasant face.

The administrator asked, “Can’t we get a fresh one A.S.A.P.?”

Gordon was angry as a raging bull, “Where are we going to get a pheasant at this time of night?! – Anyway, I cook, not shop!”

The cleaner asked, “OK, I’ll go and tell the customer shall I?” and came out.

Cecilia got confused and started to scream, “We need a quick fix…I mean one foot in, one foot out! Can’t we use a chicken?”

“Chicken isn’t pheasant. It is like apples and oranges!” the chef shouted.

Mary entered being upset and said, ‘Listen, listen… we don’t need a pheasant.’

“Why?” Cecilia asked.

Mary answered, “He’s gone.”

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