The Greatest ‘The Simpsons’ Episode

(Opinion article)

‘The Simpsons’, the animated sitcom screened by Matt Groening, has the fame of the satirical series, which not only entertains but also predicts the future.

In 1995 they predicted the appearance of smartwatches, the present-day smartphones launched into the production by the Apple Company somewhere 5 years ago. In 1997 they forecast the Ebola outbreak which covered Africa just in 2014. In 2010 the envisaged the Nobel Prize award to MIT Professor Bengt Holmstrom who got it six years later in 2016. The total list of ‘predictions’ ranges from 15 to 20, according to various estimates.

Today, let’s talk about the gloomiest and deepest “The Simpsons” episode — season 8 episode 23 that called “Homer’s Enemy.”

“Homer’s Enemy” tells the story of a new Homer’s coworker, Frank Grimes, a man who worked hard all his life to break out of poverty. When Frank met lazy but successful Homer, Frank got mad, lost his mind, and died being completely puzzled.

The events of the episode can be viewed from various perspectives. From a comic point of view, Frank is a realistic character who falls into the crazy world of “The Simpsons”. The authors made a joke about fans of the show, who thought it would be fun to get into the world of the series and work with Homer. In fact, working with a man, like Homer, carries only pain and suffering.

And most importantly, Frank is a victim of the present-day American mentality. Frank and Homer are the embodiment of the American dream. Frank demonstrates how to live and work to achieve the American dream. And Homer actually embodies the pleasures of success. And a small detail, there is no causal link between hard work and success. Of course, if you work, you are more likely to succeed. But it’s not necessary.

So, what do you think about the American dream of nowadays? Is it changing its vector or not? I expect your comments…

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