The Idea That Changed Life


The question and the answer are crowded in one sentence. The second one is grabbing the biggest piece of the pie while the first one is only trying to find the table with delicacy. You don’t understand what I’m telling, do you?

Let me start from the people. People who I asked for writing this essay. It’s like bursting the soap bubbles. I had a desire to catch every ideally formed thought with a thin membrane of fantasy that seemed to separate the inner world of a person from the reaction of the environment. I destroyed that membrane and got some amazing answers on “How do you think what idea changed life?”

Somebody decided we could fly.

Somebody found out we could leave some memory about ourselves in art.

Somebody made up a fire.

After all these dialogues I grasped we change our lives with IDEAS. No matter what Idea it is. The existence of Idea makes us move forward. It doesn’t matter what aircraft we choose if we’re inspired by the Idea of flight. It doesn’t matter what kind of art we create if we’re carried away by the Idea of oeuvre. It doesn’t matter how we embody fire if we’re flamed by the Idea of a spark.

Everything new appeared thanks to Ideas.

We’re developing because of Ideas.

Life is changed by Ideas.

So why are you still reading this and not realize your own Ideas?

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