The idea that changed the world


Today, phones play an important role in our lives. On the phone we can talk to relatives who live at a distance, exchange news, read books, we have the opportunity to listen to music, take pictures, etc.

It all started with a phone invented by Martin Cooper, a Motorola engineer, that cost $90 million and 15 years to build. The first person to call the creator of Motorola was his competitor Joel Yangel. Martin said, “Guess where I’m calling from? I’m calling you from my cell phone.”

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X weighed 1.15 kg and went on sale on June 13, 1983, and caused huge hype. By the end of the year, 5 such phones were released and later other versions appeared. They weighed 850 grams and cost about $4,000. To date, the cell phone has undergone several stages of evolution, so that everyone could be the owner of the gadget.

The phones have a whole industry of features and applications that make people’s lives easier.

That is why the invention of the telephone has made significant changes in people’s lives in general.

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