The Importance of Knowing How to Fall

A couple of years ago I read a book and one idea changed my mindset by bell, book and candle. I mean TOTALLY. The book was called ‘The truth about the Harry Quebert affair’ and that quote was about the importance of knowing how to fall.

I have always been scared of making mistakes. I have always been afraid of raising my voice. I have always been scared of failure.

Those traits of character made my life incomplete and inconvenient. However, when I read that quote I started to rethink my outlook on life.

For me, the importance of knowing how to fall is about knowing how to face your fears, how to not give up and have strength to move on even if you think that everything is on the edge of falling apart. And every time I doubt in myself or think I do something wrong, I think about that quote and it helps me to keep going.

I hope that you don’t need anyone`s quotes or words to fully live your life but if you do that, it`s okay and I really recommend you to find something inspiring and stick to that thing.

Sometimes, someone`s idea can change your life. You are to know how to fall…

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