The Invention That Gave Light

Historical events can cause not only wars between countries, the adoption of the important laws and the glorification of people for their feats. Important inventions of mankind, which really turned life and consciousness upside down, can also be considered as a historical event.

In my opinion, one of such inventions is the creation of the first light bulb. Now we don’t even think about this thing and if necessary we can buy it in almost every second store at an affordable price. However, in the 1800s, this seemed to be a miracle for all people, and perhaps even an evil miracle.

It is worth noting that the invention, which now illuminates homes, was created by the American scientist Thomas Edison, about whom you must have heard at school.

Yes, this is not a new fact, but it is worth remembering that such things don`t fall from the sky but are created by hard and smart work of the people living among us.

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