The Junkie

(narrative essay)

It happened one spring evening. I was in a hurry to the dormitory because my roommate didn’t have a key… Maybe, I was in a hurry. I could take a tram to the subway, but decided to walk (which is plus 15 min). Frankly, the weather was dull, it was gonna rain. I didn’t know who or what forced me to go on foot…

Few minutes later the real shower started. The wind bent my old umbrella, tried to break it, and cold raindrops hit my face. “Probably a punishment for leaving the roommate without a key,” I thought as I walked along the tram tracks.

There were still 5 min to the subway. However, at dusk I noticed something was lying on the rails… It turned out to be a man! I tried to call him, but probably because of the rain and wind I couldn’t be heard… I had to go to him in the hope I wouldn’t be hit by a tram.

When I was near, I tried to talk, but he didn’t answer. “He’s alive, breathing… but I can’t leave him here, right?”

Attempts to bring him to senses failed. I wouldn’t pull him out with one hand, so I went back to the sidewalk and left my old umbrella. However, this was half the battle. Due my delay the tram lights came on… and on both sides. As ill luck would have it there were no people…

If I don’t pull this weirdo out now, this day could be his last!”

Wet, I ran up to him and started to pull. Surprisingly, he turned out to be much easier than I thought. Whether he was so thin or fear gave me extra strength, I couldn’t say for sure.

By good fortune, drivers noticed me and stopped the trams, giving me extra time for my… special operation.

On the sidewalk, I found out that this man was conscious, but he didn’t understand what was going on. He was just talking about his bag of rags, which he was barely holding.

Whether a guy or man of 30. Very thin, emaciated facial features. His eyes seemed glassy, ​​like a drug addict. He looked like he was high… Well, at least I got an explanation why this weirdo had been lying on the rails.

Honestly, I didn’t know my next step. The junkie couldn’t stand or sit, and he couldn’t even talk. Just lying near my feet. I was thinking about calling an ambulance, but I wasn’t sure about the address. Some kind of bridge, halfway to the subway…

Oh, man, I’m still late for the dormitory! If the roommate hasn’t hated me yet, he will hate me soon.”

That’s when I got a chance. Two guys were walking across the bridge. I stopped them and explained the situation… and they agreed to help!

Their attempts to talk with the junkie also failed, and they came to the same conclusion as me. Guys called an ambulance and agreed to stay until its arrival, giving me the opportunity to go to the dormitory.

I thanked them for their kindness and went to the subway. “It’s okay that I’m late. Perhaps today I’ve done the most important thing in my life. I have nothing to regret.”

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